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FanastasiasEstates™ was founded in 2023 by Michael Duncombe as the holding company of Scholarships 4 Us® and to provide a strategic agenda for the use of its annual revenue under The Trust of Scholarships 4 Us®. We invest in projects that provide a futuristic idea of the education system in the next 25 years and to the inadequacies of quality housing. By working with industry advocates including non-profits, developers, and property management companies, we provide funding, charitable contributions and gifts for organizations that are committed to providing affordable, sustainable, and prudent solutions - 4 Us. 

Scholarships 4 Us®

FanastasiasEstates™ is the holding company for Scholarships 4 Us® and is accountable for the appointment of its Governing Members and has the Authority of Removal for its leadership positions. Scholarships 4 Us® is formed to operate independently of its ownership company and any inquiries should be directed to its contact page.


The Scholarships 4 Us® Financials and Operating Agreement (footer) can be found on the website. The purpose of establishing an umbrella company is to ensure that the subsidiary company maintains its commitment to fulfilling its Purpose of Formation

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FanastasiasEstates™ will be a source of funding for a SAFE Initiative (Secure, Affordable, Flexible, Explorative) to ensure there is an end to school shootings. We are a source of funding for strategic solutions in our education system that prepares us for life after 2050. 


FanastasiasEstates™ plans are for former Student-Participants to have an affordable and secure housing solution after their eligibility time period. It is a designed plan to create an umbilical system from the time of enrollment to post graduation path.   

We donate to charitable organizations that provide permanent housing solutions to low-income individuals and families.

Non-profit real estate developers take precedence over for-profit enterprises. We either provide contributions or invest in community development projects under the FanastasiasEstates brand. 

Our goal is to align with reputable and trustworthy property management companies for our projects as they are the foundation for creating an inclusive environment. 

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